Welcome and thank you for considering Team Doomtrain!

Please read through our recruitment post and the application form carefully and try to answer as accurately and truthfully as possible.

We will have a look at the application and get back to you as soon as we can. Make sure to check your application frequently in case there are question to answer or any other sort of update occurs. If you get the majority of the members votes you'll be invited for a trial.

Please note: If you are applying from a different server we require you to come on Mumble to have a thorough talk before we can give you our final decision as to whether we're accepting you or not. Once you get accepted, please transfer to Ragnarok immediately.
By submitting your application form you agree to these terms.

Please also keep in mind that all current members of the static have clear experience up to Alexander Savage Floor 5 and we expect similar experience to quickly progress through the raid!
We are currently full and not looking for new members!

Should you have any questions please contact Yenhand Greyashe on here or ingame.
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